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ICYMI: 2018 AAO Convocation in Dallas: FDM à gogo!

This time last week, the planets aligned, kicking off a solid week of FDM goodness.

The week began with the AFDMA offering the International Certificate of Instruction exam to three seasoned FDM practitioners, all of whom already hold FDM International Certifications. Congratulations to Matt Booth, PT, DPT, Marjorie Kasten, PT, and Jenn Ribar, DO on passing the lengthy and grueling exam!

They make it look easy

Fast on the heels of the instructor exam, FDM Academy proudly offered an outstanding iteration of Module 1. DOs, PTs, MDs, and osteopathic medical students rounded out the packed event.

Module 1 offers an intro to the Model, focusing on treatments of the knee, ankle, and shoulder. As a part of the pre-Convocation offerings, 4 hours of additional content was added to the standard Module 1 curriculum, including FDM for cranial complaints and case reports of FDM use on ACL injuries! The special topics were well received and made for a truly unique "Module 1 PLUS".


Following the Module, AFDMA offered the International

Certification exam, available only to those who have completed all three modules as well as a year of practice. Dr. Angela Lim (shown here demonstrating on a fellow physician) left the testing hall with her head held high, joining the growing ranks of FDM-IC providers! Congratulations to Dr. Lim!


As the week drew on, Dr Capistrant gave a splendid lecture to osteopathic medical students and physicians on incorporating FDM into one's differential diagnosis:

Student contributor to the FDM Academy blog Yitzhak Lee poses with his extremely limited-edition FDM shirt:

And at the SAAO's Evening With the Stars, widely considered to be the "do not miss" event of Convocation, the FDM tribe had a strong presence:

Thanks to the energy of the instructors and the attendees at the pre-Convocation Module, the osteopathic student FDM workshops were packed!

It was a great week, and FDM Academy is looking forward to next year's Convocation already!

Feeling like you missed out? Not to worry, FDM Academy has upcoming classes near you.

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