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FDM Literature

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Efficacy of Fascial Distortion Model Treatment for Acute, Nonspecific Low-Back Pain in Primary Care: A Prospective Controlled Trial.

FDM on a patient with a full ACL tear presented at the 2015 Fascia Research Congress by Matt Booth, PT, DPT: (with before and after MRI)

Interrater-reliability within the Fascial Distortion Model using patient’s body language and subjective verbal complaint for pain, by Klaas Stechmann B.Sc. PT

Interrater reliability in evaluating the body language based on the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) – Stefan Anker (posted with permission)

The Effects of the Fascial Distortion Model on Chronic Hamstring Tightness, - Baird, C. et al. Topics in Integrative Health Care 2014, Vol. 5(3)   ID: 5.3004 

Case Studies:

Use of the Fascial Distortion Model to Evaluate a Limp in a Child Sarah J. James, DOJasmine Hudnall, DO.  The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, June 2017, Vol. 117, 399-402. doi:10.7556/jaoa.2017.079

Treatment of Patellar dislocation with Fascial Distortion Model, by Todd Capistrant, DO, MHA

Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) Treatment of an Axillary Herniated Triggerpoint Acquired Following Mammography in a Patient with Fibromyalgia: A Case Report – Byron Perkins, DO

More Science from the European FDM Association:

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