Advanced FDM classes

All classes for 2020 have been put on hold due to Covid-19. We hope to see you in 2021.

Diving Deeper with FDM

Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine

July 18-19, 2020

Boise, Idaho

Instructor: Dr. Matt Booth, DPT

with guest Dr. Mario Maleschitz

This FDM course is intended to take the theory and techniques that are taught in the Introduction modules and apply them to more complex situations. Learn theory and practical application of FDM beyond what is taught in the Modules to start working with "Jedi-level" FDM skills.

The agenda includes:

2-person techniques for stubborn conditions

FDM for ACL/PCL of the knee

AC joint and how to treat other deep CDs where you can't reach

Triggerbands through the body

Interspinous ligamentous CDs

Unfolding and refolding in contiguous segments of the spine

Management of recurring HTPs

FDM for pelvic floor with special guest Lynsey Wagner, DPT

What FDM to do when FDM isn't working

On a journey of constant dissatisfaction while treating patients, I discovered the Fascial Distortion Model. That changed everything. We can better understand our patients with their fears, worries and feelings. It is fascinating how one can put a simple template in form of six fascial disorders to look at psychiatric diagnosed symptoms like panic and anxiety. Suddenly there is a clear vision. During this lecture, I will give insight into my daily business. In addition, we will reflect on another strong constant, namely the special form of communication and interaction in the FDM.

LETS BREAK THROUGH OLD PATTERNS! With the model we open a door to a new world, a world beyond imagination, a world worth exploring.

Dr Mario Maleschitz graduated from the Medical University of Vienna in 2006 and completed his training as general practitioner in August 2011. Already during this training, he was always concerned with the subject of pain. So he stopped his general medical training in 2010 and was able to make experiences with diseases of the movement apparatus as an assistant physician at the accident surgery and orthopedic department. However, as he continued to observe the personal discontent with regard to a multimodal pain therapy, he terminated this and successfully completed as general practitioner.

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